Oct 28, 2009


I love clients, but some can be very challenging. This video was obviously made by someone you just came off a bad experience and I bet it's close to true.

Oct 26, 2009

Why video is so important

Check out this case study about the ahah! moment when watching video!


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Oct 16, 2009

Best Practices for encoding H.264

Here is a great video on some highly geeky encoding stuff:


Oct 14, 2009


Check out these stats from MIXX canada about online video.  It has really taken off!

Oct 1, 2009


According to Eric, who I met at MIXX, (http://twitter.com/telemachos) here are 5 digital trends I missed:

1. media reforestation - media is in a period of transition from analog to digital which means the economics are total different between the two
- take a broad view of the media ecosystem
-become a curator of content in niches
-rethink how media is measured and valued

2. satisfaction guaranteed - there are entire communities that have been developed to increase customer satisfaction
- audit the entire online experience
- build relationships with digital embassies
- be prepared to enage and act quickly

3. less is the new more - the increase in information scales but our time does not
- provide utility
- sow seeds with peers, grow plants with professionals
- shape the search shelf

4. corporate all-stars
- connect customers and all-stars
- give all-stars independence yet focus them
- equip and support them while actively listening

5. the power of pull
- create resources that inform the conversation
- adapt rather than invent
- write for searches, not just readers