Jul 19, 2010


Voice over artists are real people with real emotion. This video goes behind the scenes to show you what it's really like:

May 23, 2010


A great video about new theories of what motivates people.

May 16, 2010

Another great TRIEC video

We shot our first of two weekends for Integrating Talent -- the 60 minute dramatic sequel to Finding Talent. Tarek is back!
Here is a taste:

See Finding Talent online at www.hireimmigrants.ca

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Apr 27, 2010

We Live in Public

Just saw a great documentary on Josh Harris, Internet Social Media/Video Visionary who created some wild experiments and companies in NY that were way ahead of their time.
This movie scared me. Are we in living in Orwell's 1984?
Watch it.

Apr 5, 2010


Check out this no BS talk on customer service in web 2.0. It's all caring for your customers. (warning: frank, vulgar language)